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How do I connect the outside tap?

Having an outside tap is very useful for your every day life, cleaning the car, filling up the kids paddling pool. In This article we tell you how to fit your own outside tap.

Some things you will need :

  • Garden taps
  • Outside tap kits
  • Tap kits
  • Pipe cutters
  • water butts
  • Know wehere your shut off valve is (stopcock)
  • Compression fittings


Most outside taps are connected to the cold water supply under the sink, where there is room to work.


The connection can be made under the sink or to a cold water pipe under mains pressure. Using your cold water tank to feed an outside tap negatively impacts other people’s use of the water.


Check that the pipe you want to connect to is under mains water pressure before you connect it.


It is often easier to look between the units, or even behind them, to source a cold water feed to the outside tap that is a little easier to work with.


It is still possible to install an outside tap without easy access to water, but it is more difficult and costly. For example, to get water from an island in the middle of a room, the pipework must either run under the floor or be boxed in. As Ben points out, your plumber may need to take water from a main near the front door, which can be inconvenient if you want to wash your car there.


Observing outdoor tap regulations


Your plumber can help you choose the right tap. If you buy a tap, make sure it meets British Standards. A check valve is required on an outdoor tap. This valve restricts water flow from the mains to only one direction. The check valve prevents dirt, mud, or grit from entering the main water supply.


If you buy taps online, make sure they have the necessary valve installed or they won’t be compliant. Buying a tap from a plumbers’ merchant like B&Q or similar ensures you get the correct valve.


Locating your stopcock ahead of time will save time and allow your plumber to get on with installing the pipework and tap. Stopcocks are usually found under a sink, stairwell or in a driveway.


How to install an outdoor tap?


Outdoor tap installation is a simple task that requires expertise and specialised equipment. Here’s how to install a tap:


  1. The first step is to locate the tap outside the house. This is because the internal cold water mains supply runs outside the kitchen area, reducing the amount of plumbing required.
  2. Once the location is chosen, a 150mm masonry drill is used to drill a hole through the exterior wall from the inside. The hole must then be opened up to 22mm.
  3. After drilling a hole in the wall, measure the wall’s thickness and cut a copper pipe to fit into the hole.
  4. Turn off the water supply and cut into the cold water supply pipe to connect the new pipe.
  5. The new pipe run will require an inline shutoff valve, such as a stopcock, or an inline service valve.
  6. Pass the pipe through the wall and plug it.
    Back-plate the outside tap.
  7. Before re-opening the water supply to check for leaks, tighten all compression joints.
  8. Insulate the pipes to keep them warm in the winter.



Taps supplied or you can supply your own.


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